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re: The biggest turn off, for me, is the simple concept that MongoDB/ObjectDBs enforce the concept of persisting OPINIONATED data structures. The conce...

if your data outgrows the confines of a simple transaction-layer CRUD application, and into the realm of data analytics, you will be spending more time destructuring your objects, and restructuring them into either normalized data sets, or into the structures that you require for said task

This remains the single biggest reason I still haven't made the mental switch. Or let's say, this is the only reason standing in the way. I think all other features are most welcome, but having to wrangle with data again and again ... no, no! Maybe it makes sense to use MongoDB as an analytics cache that is constantly being updated.

As far as the fallacy that MongoDB is 'faster' than SQL supporting RDMS, there's plenty of data on the net, and at your library/uni to support the contra

Yup. The biggest bottleneck is the network, at least as far as I think. Whether a DB read takes 20 nanoseconds or 200 milliseconds doesn't make a tangible difference. 🤔

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