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re: Hi Ankush! Those are really great (and difficult) questions 😄 Before writing this article, I found this one really useful to understand the key di...

LOL, okay! I didn't find the linked article helpful, though; it talks about why the virtual DOM approach isn't that great; it doesn't say what Svelte does, and there's no word on compilation. Fear not, I shall keep looking! 🧐😅

Svelte is pretty much compiled down to setting element.innerText = “new value” directly, instead of doing it through a VDOM. In the Svelte REPL, check out the compiled output - it’s pretty readable! - and look for the code that looks like your own update code (e.g. if you write “name = whatever” somewhere, that’ll be in the output somewhere, along with the actual DOM update code)

Thanks for this comment Dave! A few hours ago I saw the video that @somedood shared above in the comments and in that video Rich Harris shows exactly what you are saying (the output in the REPL).
The output is super clean and easy to read compared to the code generated by frameworks like Angular.

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