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Call me a pessimist, but my take is that people do it only to look good in front of non-dev folks. I'm sure they link their dev.to profile in their CV (well, I do too :D) so that the folks can see the amazing articles they have written. The problem is that everyone targets the low-hanging fruit: React tutorial, Getting started with TypeScript, Promises explained, My best sources for XYZ, Career advice ... I mean, guys, come on! These topics have been done to their death already.


So much this.

I was hesitant to write anything because I don't fit that mould but decided to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. I've barely had any traffic to my post, but I don't care because I'm sure that at least one person will find it useful!


Yup! If you go to my profile, you'll see that there's only one popular article called "MongoDB has no use case". I was just trying to have fun and give it a playful tone while wanting to learn about MongoDB from experienced folks. I had never expected the storm it kicked up, and not a week goes by when 2-3 people don't react to it. :P

Other than that, it's useless posts like "Why are new people following me on Dev.to?", "Can't find TDD courses on Node", etc. These are problems I was struggling with, and I'd rather spend time here to learn something new as opposed to learning the same thing (or teaching the same thing) over and over again. :D

I'm taking a page out of your book--going to start writing sarcastic articles about technologies to learn something new

Be my guest! But do be warned: people are absolute morons. Despite the clearly highlighted disclaimers and all, people have abused me of being ignorant and called me all sorts of things. But I did get some very good responses, and a couple of folks even sent me nice emails about it! Not to mention I learned a lot and do use MongoDB now in some limited settings. :D

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