New tag for open source contributions?

ankush981 profile image Ankush Thakur ・1 min read

I was wondering if creating a new tag for tracking projects that need help will be a good idea. As of now, I several times find myself wanting to visit the "Who's looking for Open Source contributors" article, but have to first search for Ben in the search bar, and then scan through his recent articles. Worse, projects that still need help but have grown discouraged of reposting get buried forever.

Maybe we can introduce a new #volunteer, #joinus or similar tag to track these discussions. Maybe we can even have an open/closed tag per project, though this might not make sense since no open source project has enough contributors. 😋

Finally, I'd like to see the limit of five tags to be removed or raised to ten.



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I duper duper agree. We really want to have things a bit more organized by tags, but early on it was hard to really organize folks around tags.

But we’re finally getting enough of a scale and enough organization on the team to really get this sort of thing going.

I’ll start by asking folks to follow the tag as part of the next Who’s Looking post.


Gald to help. And needless to say, the tag will need to be aggressively moderated. 🤓


Yeah, it does become cumbersome in your case. Searching isn't always fun to do.

In regards to raising the limit of tags, I have to disagree on that. Imagine being bombarded by 10 tags in the home page by just one article. That's no fun at all. Furthermore, raising the limit of tags allows spam bots to be even more annoying as they try their best to flood popular tags (such as #javascript and #beginners) with spam posts. I just think that four tags are enough for a post. Anything more than that is an overkill.

However, we can have a compromise here. The limit of tags can be raised, but only the Top 4 tags (in the front matter) will be shown in an article's card in the home page. That way, more tags can be added with the constraint of showing 4 tags at most in the article card.


hm yeah, that's a reoccurring post that could probably benefit from its own tag. @ben thoughts here?


Is there any progress? I would like to invite new contributors to one of my projects. Which tag should I use? :thinking:

Oh yeah, it's been decided.


For open source maintainers to get together with willing contributors.

open-source and #looking-for-help would be amazing new tags