What are these annoying, greyed-out "THREAD" labels?

ankush981 profile image Ankush Thakur ・1 min read

It often happens that I want to reply to a comment to a comment to a ... (well, you get the idea), but these are marked with passive "THRED" labels and can't be responded to:

In the image above, I wanted to respond to Aleksei's comment, but couldn't.

What are these monstrosities, and is there any way to bypass them? 🧐


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We have a threaded-flat hybrid system. Where there you can go a few layers deep, but then it becomes a chronological discussion.


Sorry, I don't understand at all. 😐 How is that supposed to help me manage replies to "deeper" comments? Or is that a fancy way of saying it's just not possible? 🧐