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Object Orientated Programming important concepts

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OOP's Concepts🔽

First; Object Orientated Programming (OOP) is a programming language model where Objects communicate with one another in order to solve a problem. Objects are snippets of code that can be reused so that you don't have to always rewrite it. Objects are used in classes and classes are just blue prints for those Objects. By using those blueprints (or classes) you can create instances of those Objects, which are essentially just versions of the original Object, built from the blueprint.

These topics/concepts are important for placement perspective.

  • classes and object
  • features of oop
  • compile time & run time polymorphism
  • types of variable(scope)
  • static(variable,function,object)
  • inheritance(type & mode)
  • virtual(function & classes)
  • abstract class and interface
  • friend(function,class)
  • call by value,refrence
  • this pointer
  • abstraction
  • exceptional handlinhg
  • constructor & destructor
  • copy constructor(deep,shalow)
  • copy assignment operator
  • refrence variable
  • const(variable,function,argument)
  • overloading(function,constructor,operator)
  • function overriding
  • infinite function & macros
  • default(arguments,constructors)
  • templates
  • type conversion

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