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re: First Comes Love! Then Comes Marriage! Then Comes Coding...? VIEW POST


Thank you for this post! I found the title funny because it is very true for me. First I meet love then I married (he is a dev) and now I'm learning to code. :D But my story is more like I tried very different stuff, nothing went very well, I was so frustrated for not having a career and just decided I would be a dev because "it at least will be a skill I can work wherever I want to build whatever I'm interested in".

I started learning Python but then I found a company I liked looking for junior Rails devs so I switched to learn Ruby. I'm having much more fun now than when I was trying all other things. So I'm trying to learn enough to apply to this job. Let's see how things will work. Your post encourage me. I was feeling very afraid the past few days. Thank you!

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