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Great post!

I'm just beginning to learn to code, and one of my struggles is finding the best source of information. Do you think a coding bootcamp is generally helpful or unnecessary? Do you have any posts talking about what your experience was like?


There are a lot of bootcamps and they all differ in quality, but there are a lot of good ones. My experience is that bootcamps are very helpful. It gives you structure to follow and a great support group. Yes, all the information you could ever need to learn dev work is freely available, but good luck figuring out where to start and what to learn. The amount of stuff is really overwhelming. If you apply yourself and take the course seriously, there is no better option for a complete beginner. Some people can be focused and structured enough to figure it out on there own, but it still takes a lot longer. And if you aren't one of those people you'll just waste a lot of time getting lost in the plethora of information out there. Most people who know me personally would describe me as focused, driven and intentional (though I wouldn't describe myself like that...), and I can honestly say, if I tried to teach myself to become a developer, I don't think I would have made it.


I went to a boot camp and truthfully I learned more from YouTube and Udemy and other online resources / books. Bootcamp is good for structure. I liked that about it and working with others in person. Other than that. You can get a dev job for free / cheaper using online resources.


Hey, personally I think if you're just beginning, it is the fastest way to get your initial job. The ROI is pretty high if you can get a job within 6 months. I'm writing a post / making a video on my experience! Should be up on YouTube this weekend! I also have a few interviews with other bootcamps grads on their experiences coming up!

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