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Useful Things to Know about Deepgram's Speech-To-Text API

The thing I love most about Deepgram Speech-to-Text API is the great get-started guide. The well detailed get-started documentation that a beginner can understand is what makes it stand out as a Speech-To-Text API. You can find the getting-started here at

My Deepgram Use-Case

The get started guide about Deepgram is great. However, Deepgram will gain more advantage as it progresses if it leverages open-source documentation. This will help if be more clearer and in-depth going forward.

Dive into Details

Seeing Deepgram for the first time, I immediately fell in love with it. I found Deepgram as I was mindlessly scrolling through I said, let me look at it. It is there that I realized the amazing Speech-to-Text API that was being developed by Deepgram.

The features like Transcribing pre-recorded audio, with the use of their API, you can transcribed audio that you recorded on your local device or remotely.


With the great documentation and the need for speech to text in many of our daily uses, Deepgram's Speech-To-Text technology will be a great addition to help in advancing humanity.

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