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I look for the following:

  • flexibility in work hours
  • option to work remote
  • a team that is structured to work with a few or all devs remote

One of the best places I worked at, checked all these 3. And it worked so well for me, that I'd go in for 2-5 hrs only for meetings/stand-ups, head back and wfh. The productivity increase was too good to ignore or complain about. Unfortunately, the startup failed for reasons outside the dev team and founders refused to pivot.

During an interview if I feel the employer is not really offering flexible/remote work option, or says they do, but come across as not capable of handling remote workers, I don't proceed with that interview.

While working at a company, biggest red flag is when they move from flexible/remote friendly to every day in office, 9am to 5pm. That's been a consistent red flag at startups I worked at.

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