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Willing to give VS Code a try!

I used Vim when I first started coding, but quite honestly I'm not working as a programmer right now, so I haven't used it for quite a while; efficiency is not my highest priority right now, so I've been trying out multiple other solutions to see what works best for me.

I'm working very small code bases atm, mostly for automation purposes. I'm a jeweller and metalsmith these days, so most of my programming ends up producing ways to track processes (Nomie2 extensions), website guff, accounting automation, and 3D modelling automation. (And the very occasional ESO Addon).

I've been using Notepad++ forever for Python, and have been tempted by Visual Studio, which my partner works in these days (when he's not using Vim, that is). Np++ has been just sufficient for my needs for ages, but because of my change in career, I haven't bothered to find something better.

Using a tool because it is the latest thing out, or the oldest, or the trendiest, or whatever, doesn't make sense to me. Testing a tool to see if it works better for the individual or an integrated group makes way more sense. Traditions should be interrogated, but not thrown away just because they are old. Some traditions are still good! Some should be changed. Test, evaluate, make decisions :)

Also? Rubbishing other people's choices does not make you a comic genius. If you are ever lucky enough to work in the field of accessibility (one day, hopefully, this will include everyone), you'll find that no one person's brain works the same as any other, and that differing tools support different people.

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