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Discussion on: Dropdown with CSS / Tailwind

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Aus G

Well, you have a point, but remember that many developers are full-stack devs, and there, CSS just plays a small part, so is fine if you use Bootstrap or those frameworks just to get the job done and focus on all the things on the backend like db, auth, serialization, security, etc.

But if you want to focus on front end dev, CSS has to be your bread and butter yeah.

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Muhammad Hasnain • Edited on

Makes sense but this looks like an oversimplification. Suppose, you are a full-stack developer who ends up working on WordPress, Shopify or similar CMS type systems. These systems come with their own backends that you can only modify and tweak at best.

Not being excellent at frontend has hurt my career. You can go freelancing and clients wouldn't really care how well written your backend and even frontend codes are, they care about what they can see. They want pixel perfect results that frameworks cannot provide if the design is too dynamic.

I stick with my original point. Know the basics, have a strong foundation. Learning frameworks is easy and a new one comes out every day. I'm good at JavaScript and when the time came, I picked up Vue and Svelte without any trouble.

I hope you got my point. I don't advice to be anti framework but if you don't know your stuff, you'll be a mediocre/average developer. Seen far too many framework hyped developers who spend more time then required to solve problems just because they didn't knew the basics.