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This story and the comments from male developers saying you’re wrong is one reason why such a big part of the developer community is shit.

Sounds like a toxic dishonest place to work and I hope that the new job is better.


No one is being toxic. Almost everyone gave her constructive criticism which is what belongs in a community. Everyone was polite but critical. That is very important.


Don't try turn this into a gender issue, that's just cheap.


Thanks for your support, mate : )


I'm sure I'm one of those commenters you are referring to, so I want to clarify. My comment is NOT a critique of the OPs actions being objectionably wrong, or dishonest. My comment is just my opinion about why I wouldn't want this type of developer on my team.
I'm not even saying the company she worked for was in the right, or acting ethically. Just saying that a firing, in my opinion, was justified.
I'm glad the OP didn't compromise their work ethic to please the company, and is probably better off for the course taken than they would have been bending to the company's will.
That said, if you're the type of person who wants to work with a team, you have to learn to collaborate. If not, doing what the OP did and contracting work directly with the end client is a perfectly acceptable way to go forward.

I meant no harm or offense. Sorry to the OP if you took it that way, as that was not my intention.


I am curious why you think gender played a big part in this? Maybe I'm blind so please enlighten me.


Seen men post more or less same experiences at times, usually don’t get responses like they were right to fire you.

Rather things like I admire your integrity, you showed them proper collaboration. Some people just default to have more sympathy and understanding towards men, probably without reflecting on it too much or they’d respond differently.

Though my comment wasn’t only about gender which is why I didn’t mention it. It’s about that company thinking they can charge their customer for them learning a new framework. It’s about people thinking that that’s collaboration rather than what she did with the client. To me that sounds like a great team member to have and anyone who fires her is very likely someone I never want to work with, that’s all.

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