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Programming Project Ideas 100 Programming Projects Just for You

In my experience coming up with project ideas is difficult but that's going to change today! Here are 100+ projects.


  1. Chess
  2. 2D zombie survival game
  3. Mario platformer
  4. Battle Ship
  5. Tic-Tac-Toe
  6. Rock-Paper-Scissors
  7. Your own platformer game
  8. A game that explains a programming concept
  9. Hangman
  10. Pacman
  11. Ping Pong
  12. Tetris
  13. Guess my sketch

Cyber Security

  1. non malicious malware (Can't cause harm to a computer)
  2. Keylogger


  1. Port Scanner
  2. Packet Sniffer
  3. Zip / Postal Code Lookup
  4. FTP Program
  5. Country from IP Lookup

Clone It - fullstack

  1. Rebuild Netflix
  2. Rebuild Facebook
  3. Rebuild Instagram
  4. Rebuild Google Calendar
  5. Rebuild Trello
  6. Rebuild Feather Icons
  7. Rebuild An Anime website

Clone It - HTML and CSS

  1. Every design on Frontend Mentor
  2. Get your favorite designs on awwwards and clone it :)

Personal Tools

  1. Flexbox layout generator
  2. CSS Grid layout generator
  3. Ui interactions, think carousel
  4. CSS loaders
  5. Password Vault (Wouldn't recommend using it as a replacement for well established platform like 1Password)
  6. Your own Personal note taker, (Something like notion or onenote)
  7. Clip-path Generator
  8. Note taking app but for programmers
  9. Budget Tracker
  10. Script that can order you pizza
  11. Kanban board
  12. Write blogs on notion? export notion html to your personal blog

Machine Learning

  1. Password Cracker
  2. Convert Sign language to text
  3. Turn handwritten todos into google calendar blocks, (how todoist can easily convert your todos into google calendar)
  4. A program that can grade your own essay
  5. Personal assistant
  6. Plagiarism word replacer
  7. Insert accurate appointments for online google calendar


  1. Bubble sort Algorithms
  2. Closest pair problem
  3. Binary Search


  1. Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Cool Projects

  1. Photography Portfolio
  2. Your personal portfolio
  3. G.P.A Tracker
  4. Emulator for retro games
  5. Your own operating system
  6. CSS Cube
  7. Audio visualizer
  8. Build your own programming language
  9. Game of life
  10. Control Tello drone with node - Wes Bos
  11. Personal Blog
  12. Password generator
  13. File organizer
  14. Page scraper
  15. Alarm clock
  16. Mp3 player
  17. GIF Creator
  18. Your own code editor
  19. Learning platform, like FreeCodeCamp
  20. CSS preprocessor
  21. Execution Context visualizer
  22. Convert markdown to HTML
  23. Desktop GUI
  24. Content Aggregator
  25. Application can produces a recipe for the ingredients you already have in the house
  26. Stock portfolio tracker
  27. Video editor

Simple Projects

  1. Daily Reading plan
  2. Quiz
  3. Etch a sketch
  4. Calculator
  5. Form Validation
  6. Library
  7. Weather website
  8. Todo list
  9. Pomodoro
  10. Grid layout full of pictures of your favorite animal(s)


  1. Online whiteboard, take a look at this website
  2. Gamified Habit tracker
  3. Real time chat application
  4. Video Chat


  1. Twitter bot
  2. Slack bot
  3. Discord bot
  4. Instagram bot
  5. Build a bot that help people with disabilities
  6. Apply for any linked in job that has "easy apply" form.


  1. Roman Numeral Converters
  2. Credit card validator


Some of these projects are just hard but don't let that stop you from attempting to do them! Goodluck and I hope this list gave you some project ideas.

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Matt Studdert

Thanks for the shoutout to Frontend Mentor, Anthony. You’ve compiled an awesome list of project ideas! πŸ™Œ

anthonygedeon profile image
Anthony Gedeon Author

Hey Matt! Your website helped me understand so much about html and css! Thank you so much

mattstuddert profile image
Matt Studdert

You're welcome! I'm really happy you like the site and find the challenges useful πŸ™‚

sjellen profile image

Thanks for pointing me to front end mentor. It’s the the exact thing I needed at the exact time.

anthonygedeon profile image
Anthony Gedeon Author

I’m happy that I was able to help :)

florinpop17 profile image
Florin Pop

Very nice list Anthony! Good job! πŸ˜ƒ

rishitkhandelwal profile image
Rishit Khandelwal

super useful!

jcsmileyjr profile image
JC Smiley

Awesome list