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Hello !

How did you land your apprenticeship?

I first did a two year university degree in computer science which I think is equivalent to a diploma of higher education/associate degree in UK/USA. During the two year I had an internship in UK as a full-stack developer which really helped me to get a contract when I applied for the engineering school in France.

How are you balancing the work and your studies?

Good question ! I always try to study just after work so I am still focused but sometimes it's really hard especially during exam periods as I don't have time for myself.

Do you plan to be converted to full-time at the company?

I already have opportunities to be full-time when i'll graduate (next year 🎉) but I would like to stay a year and then move to a startup. I am working in a big structure and I've always been interested in startups etc.

I hope it answers everything !

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