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Discussion on: Describe the Best Interview You've Been In

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Antonin Januska

I like the contrast. I'll throw my worst interview in. The dev that actually did the skills assessment was great and he's working on huge things now having left that company (I was supposed to be his replacement). So the weird things that happened were non-technical:

  1. during offer process, company decided they wanted to hire me for a lesser role than I wanted.
  2. during offer process, their salary "ceiling" was completely different from their posting/what they told recruiters (and by different, I mean $40K!). It was lower than their "minimum" bracket for the lesser role they offered.
  3. a part of the interview process was a discussion with a former CTO who was non-technical and had no position at the company anymore. He was related to the CEO.
  4. During our brief discussion, he tried to be as intimidating as possible for some reason. Lots of talking about how he's still involved behind the scenes.
  5. Part of the interview required on-site PAID programming for "market rate" for a day. After I declined the offer, they were reluctant to pay, and ended up paying me half of what my starting rate was when I had less than 1 year of experience. This was for a senior/lead role.