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Senior Engineer at Landdox

Using Postgres FOR loop to generate data

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2 min read

#discussWhat are your favorite themes for your IDE/Shell?

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1 min read

Demystifying GREP

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2 min read

#discussWhat are your top WFH/Remote working tips?

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1 min read

Demystifying Rsync

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4 min read

Demystifying the TAR command

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3 min read

The Wild SQL Query I Wrote For Work This Week

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7 min read

Why I *love* TMUX

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4 min read

Using Prefetch and Caching For Better JavaScript Bundle Loading

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6 min read

A Bank Should Authenticate With You - And Vice Versa

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4 min read

#30DaysOfCommits Retrospective

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4 min read

My Personal Git Tricks Cheatsheet

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4 min read

Countdown To #30DaysOfCommits

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When to use the different variable and function declarations and what are the best practices?

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6 min read

How To Describe A Function Typing Using An Interface In TypeScript

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1 min read

#discussI'm starting 30 days of commits in July, who'd like to join me?

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1 min read

How My VIM Setup and Open Source Code Ended Up In an AAA Video Game

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4 min read

My Favorite Linux Tools

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5 min read

#discussWhat are your favorite Linux utility/productivity tools?

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1 min read

My Top 10 Programming Proverbs

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1 min read

Switching from angular2-template-loader to @ngtools/webpack

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12 min read

The Definitive React Hooks Cheatsheet

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5 min read

#discussCSS Is Hard - How do you learn to use and write CSS properly?

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1 min read

#discussHow do you stay focused on one project at a time?

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1 min read

Prototypes Don't Get Thrown Out -- Write Tracer (Bullet) Code Instead

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9 min read

The Books That Made All The Difference To Me As A Developer

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3 min read

10ish Teeny-Tiny Resolutions To Become A Better Developer In 2019

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4 min read

A quick retrospective on my "The Shippening" experience

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6 min read

Yearly Retrospectives: Looking Backward and Forward At The Same Time

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6 min read

Keep Your Types And Interfaces Closer (In TypeScript)

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3 min read

Improve Your Windows Development Environment

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5 min read

Simple HTML/CSS Workflow With Parcel

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6 min read

Why homogenous dev setups aren't the best idea

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5 min read

#discussWhere do you seek freelance/short-term contract work?

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1 min read

#discussWhat kind of work should I expect to be doing as an entry-level web developer?

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1 min read

#discussDevelopers that subscribe to dev newsletters, what do you want to read?

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1 min read

How to "grep" in PowerShell

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4 min read

#discussEmacs and VIM users, what's the best starters guide for a beginner?

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1 min read

How I Structure My JavaScript File

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8 min read

#helpHow do I repost a blog post from my personal blog?

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1 min read

You Might Not Need Lodash

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4 min read

#discussWhat emerging technology would you want to work with if you could?

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1 min read

Introducing Paradux: A Redux Helper For Dynamically Adding Reducers

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3 min read