Understanding Web Real-Time Communication

Anto Christopher on February 09, 2019

Introduction Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an open source project currently being developed with an aim to provide real ti... [Read Full]
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It should be noted that the API and its browser support only recently stabilized.

Also, while using WebRTC for direct peer-to-peer-connections is rather easy, adding more peers is where the problems start.

Otherwise, it's a pretty great addition to the web tech stack, allowing a great deal of flexibility for sharing various streams of any format and content.


Hi Anto,

Does building a STUN server should be easy?

How to build a simple TURN server?

I am interested to see the role of 'servers' vs the role of the 'clients'


I'm not sure how easy or difficult it is to build a STUN or TURN server from scratch on our own since I haven't tried it.

For my previous WebRTC project, I used an open source TURN/STUN implementation called COTURN and hosted it on a DigitalOcean instance.
Also, there are multiple publicly available STUN servers that you can use.

For reference:


tinyurl.com/y3345yop (All STUN servers in this list may not be live)


The task of STUN seems simple, which is telling you your IP, this is why I asked about the complexity of building one.

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