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After while I developed vue-unicons, I myself began to use them. I came to the conclusion that it’s not very convenient to add icons to the project, yes, I had previously developed a way to copy the finished tag by clicking on the button, but as it turned out it only works when you need a couple of icons, if you need a lot, then this method is already tiring.

Nothing improves the product like the beginning of its use 😀

I decided to do something like a basket, where you can add the necessary icons, and then go into it and get the installation code ready.


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Very nice, but the borders seem to be pixeleted, ruining the mood for me. Is this common for SVG stuff in small size? I'm also wondering how I can color them. Maybe using them as a font is a better idea? :-)


I don't see such problems.
It is also better to use SVG instead of icon fonts, because the icon fonts are a bit blurred


Minor bug: If the window width is too small the "Categories" list and "Show Cart" aren't visible.

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