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Full-stack React in BlitzJs and Chakra UI

This is the Introduction

🖐️ I promise not to clutter this with any formal quotes or description. Well that means, everything here would be in my own words and view. So you can be rest assured, there's nothing complex here.

So I just came across Blitz-Js some days ago. It's beta, and I've been playing around with it, but trust me, it's beautiful. And I think it's an essential part of the future for web development.

So whatcha blabbing about?😕

Blitz-Js is a Framework, for building fullstack apps. It uses NextJs for frontend and Prisma for Database Handling.
Blitz-Js comes with Authentication Scaffolding, Sessions Management, and higher order NextJs functionalities.
Oh! I think I have to clarify, that Blitz eliminates the need for API. It's direct communication between your frontend and backend.

Plugging in Chakra-UI

I was happy 😂 when I was scrolling through the docs, and I found out that my favourite UI library, Chakra-UI is an official adapter to the BlitzJs Framework.

blitz install chakra-ui
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And it even setups the ChakraProvider for you.
Strightforward right?

I said in the beginning that this is just the introduction.
I'm passionate about this framework, so I'm working to understand it as much as possible, including the internals.

Point being, as I'm learning, I would be coming back here to drop everything thing I know and discover.

Head over to the Blitz-Js Site, and if you love it like I do, then we're gonna be going on this journey together.

Do well to tell me how you feel about the framework in the comments.
And if you love it, tell me what project you suggest I build while exploring the Framework.

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