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Javascript. I mean, seriously, it took years for me to understand prototypal inheritace, function as a constructor, this behavior, event loop. I managed to finally comprehend the concepts right by the time es6 was out, ironically.


I feel like ES6 did such a good job of making JavaScript more consistent, to the point where even older inconsistent concepts started clicking for me because I could finally compare them to something that made sense to me.


I hear ya. I used JS for web programming as a complement to PHP and when I had to use it for standalone development I didn't really feel comfy until I met Typescript. CLASS!


Took me a long time to really know this stuff, too. I read a book – Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas – several years ago and it clicked everything together that I had only known in general, disconnected ways. Maybe I should have read a book years prior, and not just a litany of tutorials :)


Good point, books are time consuming in a short-term but oh so paying in a long-term


Prototypes are IMO better than classes, much more versatile, and much simpler.

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