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Discussion on: Are we pretentious and arrogant?

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Anyari Tanake • Edited on

I lost best friend in political discussion and he's dev. That counts? :D
In my opinion, not people but IT industry is rotten. You have to be the smartest and the best to get a job, to keep it or to be promoted. I think that is the main reason of those behaviors. The second one is that we get our experiences in many different ways. Different schools, different jobs, costumers, different needs, or even different countries etc.
And the cure for this? "Yea, sure, whatever. You're absolutely right." Works perfectly in most cases. :D

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I think that's a good point, especially for the promotion.

When your higher-ups don't understand IT, I guess some people feel that by having a stronger opinion on something, it could pass for knowledge or intelligence.

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I think this could easily be one of the reasons. The IT companies have turned the community toxic, because of the continuous "best in class, rockstars, best programmer" mentality they put out when posting job offers.

I am even a part of a local (to my country) programmer group. Every. Single. Conversation there turns into a dick measurement contest. Contests which I am sadly joining sometimes, just to try to show these god forsaken know-it-alls that they are not always correct and should give space to others. It really doesn't work out or help anything, so I have kind of stopped. I don't know what to do by now. Stay here on :P