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I know that at least in Canada they have separate and distinct meanings, but for the rest of the world, they are generally used interchangeably.

FWIW, I call what I do for a living "software development" and refer to myself as a "software developer" as I consider the discipline of "engineering" to be very different from what most software developers do every day. Engineering generally references building the optimal solution given physical constraints, but software when far above the hardware layer (where most software developers work) doesn't have physical constraints. As a result, our challenge tends to be more editorial in nature than engineering: we are looking for the best way to express a complex set of interconnected ideas, rather than trying to build something within the limits of the laws of physics.


There is no engineering in coding, no. It was an idea of some time ago, it was tried and it failed (see Tom De Marco's paper as he deserves credit for reassessing his own attempt). What I would ask of anyone considering themselves "software engineers" is rather what do they really think engineering is to claim such a thing.

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