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Top 5 Flutter Animation Packages

Flutter Apps built using Flutter animation libraries are drawing the highest attention and are in the hot debates nowadays.

Animations are a must in an app. Why? Because it is no longer a decorating element but a functional element of an app. It shows the journey of users from one tab to another and exemplifies the usability, utility, and desirability of the application. Animation in Flutter application is like the icing on the cake. Flutter itself is famous for developing cross-platform applications for web and desktop, and animation packages will just make it more complete.
Now, we will explore the animation libraries which you can use in your Flutter application. Have a look…


This package was published on Feb’18,2020, by is gaining all eyes in the Flutter community. It allows you to customize animations based on your content and provides some pre-canned animations with delightful effects. It simplest the animation process allowing developers to include implicit-like and explicit-like animation.

You can install this animation package from the command line with Flutter,

$ flutter pub get
Or, you can import the same in your Dart code using,
$import 'package:animations/animations.dart';

Flutter_Staggered_animations :

Flutter staggered animations was released on 4th September 2019 by It allows you to add staggered animations to the ListView, GridView, Column, and Row children. To install this animation package, add this package as a dependency in the pubspec.yaml file by typing,
flutter_staggered_animations: "^0.1.2"
Or, you can import the package in the code file by typing,

Simple Animations:

Imagine creating beautiful custom animations in a jiffy!! Simple Animations released on 31st March 2019, by simplifies this task of creating animations in Flutter applications. It is a fully tested, well documented, and enterprise-ready animation package allowing the developers to create custom animations in stateless widgets. The handful of information covered in the document will drive towards the animation itself, and you would love to create one all by yourself.
You can animate multiple properties on the go and create staggered animations within seconds. Simple Animations is designed keeping type safety in mind, and you can add the dependency by typing,

import ‘package:simple_animations/simple_animations.dart’;
You can install the package by typing the following in the command line,
$ flutter pub get

Loading animations:

Another great animation library was released on 9th September 2019. Loading animation is again a simple but highly customizable set of loading animation which you can use for flutter app development company. You can find the official link by clicking here. For installation of this animation package, type, the following in the pubspec.yaml file.

loading_animations: "^2.1.0"
Further, import this file in your project,
import 'package:loading_animations/loading_animations.dart';


A great Flutter package that provides a native feel on Android, as well as iOS, is Lottie. It is a mobile library for Android and iOS, which breaks down the Adobe After Effects animation. The library functions effectively on Android, iOS, and macOS. The only shortcoming of this library is that it is relatively new; hence, it doesn’t provide extensive documentation or efficient performance.

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