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How to build a smart drone with computer vision and machine learning

I am always posting provoking post on my Linkedin, and I have decided to replicate those here. Let's socialize!

I love exploring new technologies and recently I have been playing with drone technology along with robotics algorithms. So much fun!!

I am also a computer vision practitioner and I am combining all that together into an open-source project.

This project leverage from Machine learning/Computer vision and Robotics to make a low-cost Drone smarter(Tello).

Some features already available in the project:

  • Control the drone by gestures
  • People tracking
  • People searching
  • Sound feedback
  • Morse commands using a camera
  • Keyboard control
  • Drone path monitoring
  • Drone path planning
  • Video streaming using Webrtc
  • Remote control using WebSocket
  • HTML 5 joystick control


Source code

You can find the source code on my Github

Free Advanced Java Course

I am the author of the Advanced Java for adults course. This course contains advanced and not conventional lessons. In this course, you will learn to think differently from those who have a limited view of software development. I will provoke you to reflect on decisions that you take in your day to day job, which might not be the best ones. This course is for middle to senior developers and we will not teach Java language features but how to lead complex Java projects.

This course's lectures are based on a Trading system, an opensource project hosted on my Github.

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