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MVP for Startups: Why Building an MVP Is a Great Idea

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Startup launch and development is a complex process that requires time, effort, and investment. Success depends on various factors that include a business plan, the number of users, product quality, proposed value, experience in different fields, team cohesion, and promotion.

What is the minimum viable product?

Simply put, an MVP is a software solution with minimum functionality, which is generally intended to address one customer’s problem. You start the project from adding the core 1-2 features and then gradually extend it according to user feedback.

The MVP development approach is based on the principle “Build—Measure—Learn”. First, you create a digital product. Then, test it on the early users and see what they say. Measuring their reaction through comments, reviews, forums, polls, surveys, or emails, you find out their needs and implement changes to satisfy them.

Making an MVP, you receive the following advantages:

1. Quickly get a website or application with minimum functionality. In our custom mobile and web development company, our team can build an MVP within 3 months.
2. Reduce costs due to the fast development process.
3. Check the project concept by collecting customer feedback.
4. Analyzing user reaction, you get a crystal understanding of how to tailor the app/website to their needs and preferences.
5. Implementing only the key functionality, you don’t spend time and money on adding plenty of unnecessary functions. They may seem cool to you but not desired by your customers for some reason. For instance, the provided functionality doesn’t allow solving the top-priority issues or they have already had the same features in other applications. That’s why research matters.

Therefore, MVP development enables companies to reduce software-related costs, save time, and avoid negative feedback. Knowing the expectations of your audience, you make the product that fully matches and even surpasses them.

How to build an MVP

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MVP contains minimum functionality, which is required to address user issues. As a founder, you need to specify the target audience, the problem a digital product will address, and what will make it unique. Ask yourself: “What challenges does my system resolve?” “Who is having them?” “How will it stand out from competitors?”. This will help avoid the risk of launching a service that doesn’t fit the market.

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Nico S___

I like the idea: build one feature, make it fully functional (not necessarily perfect or "beautiful"), and validate it. Rinse and repeat