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Discussion on: Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 4: The Frontend

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Arber Braja

Undervaluaing HTML is wrong.

This is what is happening right now with most of the developers who get introduced with Web Development.

They learn how to use tools (tools like CMS, frameworks, etc) but dont learn the basics.

They use WordPress and they see, im a web developer now without even knowing whats an h1, h2, etc or the difference between "b" and "strong".

This is what makes us as developers dependant on our tools. And when those tools get obsolete so do we.

Learning the basics and on top of them, using them as a strong foundation, we keep adding more and more knowledge thats the safest way to survive and strive in the web developers market.

And the basis of web development are html, css, js and php (we like it or not).