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Discussion on: Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Part 5: The DevOps

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Arber Braja

Im a FE guy myself and i have seen mostly people from FE switch to fullstack (but not including devops) then BE.

Normal old FE was UI expert, someone who converted some image or PSD or a Sketch file into html, css, js. Thats the classic concept. Its still done ofcurse.

Only now in order to do that you need to know template engines, js ui frameworks, state management handling tools and hell of a lot more then this and ... and this is just the FE part.

Then we can learn Node because why not. Lets go and learn Express, or Adonis or Koa or Hapi, why not right?

But what if we could learn GraphQl? Lets learn it, yeah.

Im now a real expert, i know everything so well now because you know, i have learned everything through watching online courses. I have learned so much in so little time i cant even remember my own name but who cares about your name for as long as you know TypeScript right?

But what if we learn also MongoDB, Postgres, firebase, redis, redux, reflux, relux, remax (lol), they all should be very easy, pretty sure of it.

So what if we learn Git and we start using tools like Heroku, Netlify for CI/CD. Why not lets do that. Should be easy right?

So well now i feel myself confident enough, i know i havent dealt with SSR and a lot of other stuff but yeah next month im gonna check 100 more videos on youtube and im gonna rock.

So now im an expert, i just dont remember what "p" tag means in HTML, but who cares ... i know everything else now. Im a jack of trades and master of none.

Its a corrupt system driven from the need of business to have 1 person who does everything but in reality isnt expert in anything.

Sorry for my long answer but to write in full my opinion regarding this whole fullstack thing. Sorry for possible ortographical mistakes, writting from a phone such long comment aint easy at all.

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Hoang Nguyen Author

Haha take it easy man! My primary goal when becoming a fullstack developer has always been delivering my own products, I'll cover enough to make the product as good as possible. This path is common to startup founders and boostrappers who code!