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Discussion on: Programming and the fight against climate change

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Arden de Raaij • Edited on

I'm not going to lie to you, consciously I do absolutely nothing. I guess eating vegetarian most of the time is good, also I don't own a car, nor much of anything really. I don't consume a lot of products so I've got that going for me. All of this is massively offset by the amounts of times I fly and travel, so I can't really say that I contribute to a cleaner world. When you think about it, conference speakers might be some of the most polluting people in our field.

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Julien Calixte Author

Haha, that's right about speakers!
I think the problematic is all in compromise. If the dev community is helping more in saving the deforestation for instance than in polluting with the resource it requires then I'm ok with that like I'm ok with conference speakers who can have, in overall, a positive impact for the Earth.

Does the dev community have a good impact on climate change ? I don't know but I believe we can!

Thanks for your answer! :-)

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I'm also curious how we could do something against the climate change, this is how I found this topic just now:)

Several ideas came to my mind. First of all, we can write efficient, optimized code. Yes, it will have impact on climate change directly. Think about it: your code will run somewhere, which consumes energy. Let's say your method runs frequently. If you optimize, this could mean less energy used.
Secondly, you can convince your environment, your workplace, to raise voice against CO2 emissions. The more people say it, the more pressure it is. Pressure on governments and opposing parties to be concerned with this question. You may be surprised, how many people will be interested! Advertising this problem is mandatory, also giving tips, what could an individual do against CO2 emission.
Thirdly, you can learn efficient programming technologies, which is more related to my first point though.

Anyway, if you know projects that directly have impact on climate change, I'd be happy to help!