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re: This is some great stuff! There's always something you miss in the firehose of information coming our way and this filled in a few more of those ga...

Thanks for the kind words, now I'm already convinced I should continue my weekly roundups! Writing this post was really nice because I actually paid proper attention to what new articles I wanted to read and share. Usually I just click a link on twitter when I'm distracted from what I'm supposed to be doing which isn't a very productive way of gathering information. Now I listed everything and took some time to sort / go through them at the end of the week. I should probably find a way to divide that a bit over the week but I feel it's been beneficial already.

Comics are definitely possible too, but indeed there's that light thing! I mostly use my phone for reading with the brightness all the way down and the color on night mode. It doesn't seem to effect my sleep. Are you reading anything interesting at the moment?

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