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I just went to an interview process that included a codility test that I didn't pass. The next step would probably have been a white-board interview. I got my last job in a very friendly and natural way as well, so I was kinda thrown off by the whole idea!


Thank you for sharing your experience with me!
I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass this time! I wish you a good luck with your next interview! πŸ™‚


No no worries at all! It wasn't the right time and the right place. All I know is I've learned a lot from this experience and it's on to bigger and better things ;). I did kinda wanted to see how the rest of the interview process would be. Like I mentioned, I've never had a white-board interview before. As a self-taught developer these things seem scary and I don't think they're a good way to assess skills (I've only interviewed interns myself but I couldn't imagine doing that to them). Yet I do feel like I sorta need to go with the flow...

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