Discussion on: How the hell did I even get here?

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Arden de Raaij Author

Remco, buddy! Thanks for your reply and apologies for answering you so late.

I think that's a healthy attitude. Like I said before, I get anxious just thinking about all these productivity books! In the end, the fun you have with the people you love is the most important.

But in the meantime it's nice to dive into some rabbit-holes at times, who knows how you get out! (If you even get out)

Seeing I don't have children and my biggest responsibility is to put pants on, on some days. (oh yeah also, pay rent) it's nice to focus on something else I'm really interested in. I'm not sure I'll ever be a cutting edge coder, but as all of us here, we can build something out of 'nothing' and that's something valuable in its own. I'm hoping to add to that a bit. How? I don't know yet.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this privileged position, and I hope I can write my follow up soon