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I started some little time ago I use StreamControllers with rxDart and "Bloc" arquitecture but I notice that in many cases with just native states it goes very well, one thing that its anoying is that there are many "Right ways" and not a one What do you think about handling some easy sections as default stateless and statefull widgets and just the most "complex" add streams and every complex tools?


For me, there is no "right ways". There is a way to fit your needs. You do not gonna use the same solution for a todo app and a shopping app. Even if your app has a simple flow, stateful widgets could be a good choice. The packages provider and scoped model works with streams/rx if you need a robust solution. If you feel more comfortable with Redux or mobX, no worries.


Thanks I think that probably streams give me a simple api to work not a basic one just simple, I read that now provider package is the way :D you have experice? and at your experience whats a good source or course for flutter I learned in some Udemy courses and the app brewry ones and some Youtube videos but there are many different approachs :$

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