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re: Hey Arik, that would definitely make sense. A number of organizations (and individuals) follow a system which I've sometimes seen referred to as "...

This is great! I was a bit lazy early on, and we use Medium for our blog 😔But we're going to fix this mistake soon (hopefully) and migrate our blog either to Ghost or just put it as part of our website. I might do the later, and direct people to a DEV mirror of the post, if they want to discuss. 👌

I saw the one of the posts in your org and I wasn't sure how to set this up, so you answered that questions as well. :-)

We (specially myself & @rauchy ) are big fans of DEV here at Redash, so it's awesome that the love is mutual 😻I have to admit that I found DEV a bit late, but find it super interesting.


Sounds wonderful :)

Please feel free to ping me (peter -at- if you run into any issues or have questions as you get going!

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