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Choosing The Right Development Model For Your Software Project

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Every project is different, from scheduling to complexity and more, and your choice of software development model should change with those projects to find the most efficient and effective approach.

A development model is essentially a series of processes that shape the way the project is carried out and depending on the aims and goals of your team, different models bring specific advantages. Understanding which one suits your current project can have a significant impact on the overall development experience, here are five key models to look at:

Waterfall – The oldest model for software development follows a step-by-step approach with attention to detail that is especially suitable for smaller projects.

Kanban – Focused on software features and quality, it is an adaptable model that can lead to faster development.

Scrum – Allows software to be fully functional throughout development, giving a flexible approach that requires extensive management to be successful.

Lean Works – Ideally suited to projects involving existing products that are being overhauled or added to.

DevOps – Built for collaboration, allowing for the fast implementation of features along with development fixes on a given feature without disrupting other services. It can be a complex model to implement.

In addition to the model itself, how it is used also matters. An in-house team, outsourcing the entire project, or mixing an in-house team with outsourced resources to supplement all have merit depending on the project.

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