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Discussion on: Working less than 40h a week?

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Aaron Schlesinger

Major +1 on The Calm Company. I'm still reading it, love it so far because I'm in the middle of Silicon Valley and the book makes me feel like I'm not crazy for thinking that "the hustle", pulling all nighters, etc... is unhealthy and counterproductive.

I also found that using the Basecamp product (it's $$ to use, FYI) helped me actually be calmer at work. I used it for just myself to organize my own work life. I don't really know why it worked for me, but I eventually stopped using it because I learned some patterns that I use with Trello now. I couldn't justify spending that much for Basecamp when I was just one person and not using even a fraction of all the features.

By the way, if "the hustle" works for you, that's awesome. I don't mean to say that you're crazy for doing it, sorry if I came off that way. Just my opinion is that overall, that way to work is tough and burns people out (it burned me out). Obviously I'm biased though.