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Discussion on: What's the point of learning how to sort?

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Ahmedur Rahman Shovon

I can highlight few points to expand the scope of the query.

  • The sorting algorithms are one of the easiest way to distinguish performance and or complexity of different algorithms for a same problem domain. This helps the learners to understand the importance of designing better algorithms to solve a problem.
  • Different sorting algorithms use different data structures. Implementing these algorithms to solve an identical problem (sorting) open the scope to learn about data structures.
  • The built-in sort functions are written based on these sort function we have been taught. So, it is quite interesting to code it thyself to understand how built-in function works.

And as others said, you have a very unusual early education. As it repeats again and again for you, you might find it boring. But learning different ways to solve a same problem is very helpful to whom these are introduced for the first time.