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I'm using a Leopold FC900R with MX Blue switches and a custom keymap.
I chose it for its heavy weight, decent layout, but mostly because at the time of choosing it (i.e. the day I killed my old mechanical keyboard from a coffee accident), it was the only QWERTY that could ship to France.

I tried a Ducky one 2 100% keyboard, but had to return it due to its AZERTY layout; one day of using it still felt really comfortable, the keyboard was of a high quality build.

If I were to take the time to re-do it again, I'd buy custom parts for everything, and build a QMK-firmware-based keyboard, because the Leopold FC900R doesn't have a customizable firmware, and as someone who literally spams and abuses shortcuts, I would've loved to be able to build my own keyboard firmware to bind some more shortcuts to e.g. Fn+R or other keys.


the only issue really is the closed / uncustomizable firmware, that really sucks...

That's true. I haven't really delved into QMK even for my Tokyo60, and am fine with the basic layout/layer; but everyone's different!

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