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re: Cool idea to separate users spaces. I think I might try that... Only downside I could possibly see if wanting to use a tool setup perhaps for work...

I talked about both solutions: a separate login, or a separate OS.

The second one is nice if you have some sensitive work stuff, or softwares with versions that may overlap, or if you just don't want to risk messing stuff.

The same hardware for two different computers and uses

On my mac I put things into /Users/Shared which is usable by both accounts. You still have to set file permissions so shared git repos are writeable to both but it's not hard.

softwares with versions that may overlap

If you actually have to deal with software that you both need multiple different versions of and it doesn't support installs with multiple different versions on the same system, you've got bigger issues than work/home separation...

Ye, software with shitty installer.

Looking at you, every auto and unconfigurable installer that ships with almost every electron app.

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