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I'm wondering about something...

The project looks cool, but for which reason isn't native Windows compatible?


Thanks Diane!

There is only one reason why it isn't tagged as begging native compatible: there is a tiny bash script that makes it easier to run Alpas console commands. We just need to write an equivalent .bat version and it should be good to go.

And obviously, we need to do some more testing on Windows.


That's fair.

Since it's mainly targeting Gradle, wouldn't using Groovy be a decent solution?

It would. But our ultimate plan is to jump directly to Kotlin and skip Groovy if possible. It’s only a stop gap solution for now. If anyone wants to contribute porting the script to Groovy, we would be more then happy to use it instead.

I forked the project and started a build script draft, if you want to take a look.

Thanks! I saw that. I like it already. I've left a comment in your PR as well.

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