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re: I've been using apple products for 14 years and I've justified it by building iOS apps and (at the time) using software that was much better on tho...

A standard "settings" shortcut.

On MacOS, the cmd + , will always open the settings.
On every other desktop, it won't, and that's pretty annoying.

I sadly have yet to find anything else I'd want


Obligatory relevant XKCD link:

Yes! Butterflies, that's the only true way.


You said that sarcastically, right?
Because if you have ever customized linux you would know that you can even set a nuke to fire on any keys you want, LoL

😂 😂 😂

No, I said that seriously.
Sure, I can tweak any linux software to use a single key for settings.
But do I really want to try to re-tweak every software I use for this?

In MacOS, it is a standard, so it's always this key by default.

The argument isn't in the feasibility, it's in the comfort.

You mean it's familiarity.

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