Is there a "dev.to updates" mailing list?

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I've been a dev.to user for some time now, and I'm always happy to discover and try out new features.

Thing is, I don't browse dev.to an awful lot, and miss quite a lot of articles.

Does the dev.to team provide a way to subscribe to some e-mail based changelog on new production versions?

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Hi Artemix, a way to be notified about all posts would be using the RSS feed dev.to/feed (it's well hidden :D)

There are also a weekly newsletter and a tag based digest, you can find them in settings: dev.to/settings/notifications


Thanks for that, I'll subscribe to the RSS feed.


I've looked at the feed myself and found it useful, but eventually took it off my RSS reader because it was too much of a firehouse. Would anyone else support smaller RSS based on tags offered as well?

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dev.to now has dark theme. 🌝

Go to the "misc" section of your settings and select night theme

P.S. It's the best move you can make for your dev career.