What are your favourite CLI setups for work?

artemis profile image Diane ・1 min read

I'm trying to setup a serious CLI-based development environment for work, because I'm about to move around and use different computers.

The intent is to setup this environment on a VPS so I can just ssh to it.

I'm used to Neovim, but wonder if there's any recommended autocompletion extension, and such.

I'm also trying to find neomutt setup guides, browsers, and such.


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Can recommend this github.com/LukeSmithxyz/mutt-wizard nice simple neomutt configurator I used some time ago.

Also as a vim user and getting robbed recently made me think about the idea of having a system on a VPS as you say. Please let me know any update progress on this subject, maybe I will follow it as well.


Thanks for the wizard, I'm gonna try it once I find a suitable hosting provider.

If I set up an environment, I'm probably gonna write an article detailing it.

If so, would you like me to send you the link using the dev.to messaging feature?

The biggest issue I have right now is with music, as I listen to a lot of it..


Here's my vimrc (I use NeoVim): gitlab.com/dmfay/dotfiles/blob/mas...

I haven't bothered to replace the built-in autocompletion but there's a lot of other useful stuff in there, plus zsh and other configs if you poke around.


I've already got zsh covered, thanks anyways for that!

the built-in autocompletion

I didn't even know neovim had any built-in auto-completion.
I should look into that...


ctrl+n or ctrl+p in Vim 8+ or NeoVim :)


Vim has a lot of completion options built-in, and they've been around for a while so there are a lot of plugins to extend them.

I'll have to learn, then


Since you already have a preferred vim setup, the only thing I would add is a terminal multiplexer. My favorite is tmux.

I am just thinking out loud. Since you will be using different computers, maybe this a great opportunity to automate your setup? For ex. I have a repository on GitHub that I clone on all new machines and run make. After all the scripts are done running then the machine mostly works the way I want it to :)


I already use tmux, although very primitively, so I'm gonna take the time to learn about shortcuts and features with this tool.

Also, I'm probably gonna setup a script but probably not make, but rather something like Ansible.


Didn't know abou it, it definitely looks nice!

My main objective right now is to find a CLI-based devdocs alternative to have manuals for lots of languages right from the CLI.


I have a micro PC under my TV that I use for development.
It's relatively low-spec (i3/6GB/240GB) and plenty good enough for my needs.

It runs mostly just tmux and vim and whatever servers I'm trying out (hugo and gatsby at the moment) and a bunch of docker environments for my work projects running things like Drupal and Wordpress.

Since I shell into it to work, my local browser on my laptop or desktop is irrelevant.


I have personally done some development using this setup.
You can look into language specific plugins for vim if you want.


I'm gonna look into your configs, thanks!


:h in vim

and man whatever in your shell


Most languages and stacks don't provide man pages anymore. man is a nice tool, but only works when pages are available.


Have you considered using something like this? github.com/cdr/code-server


I'd need to have a web browser.
My goal is to be full-CLI.

Besides, VSCode is really heavy to run on a small computer (we're talking celeron-level there).


Dont forget video in the framebuffer then if your not even going to run an XDesktop session. Mps-youtube mplayer you can still watch youtube and any other videos on tty.


Indeed, that's a nice reminder.

I wonder how that holds out over ssh.