re: Here's some feedback from me: create a PDF version of your CV - you can use bold/italics + other formatting to make certain things stand out, so...
  • For the PDF version, I can't automate it yet, so I can't really do it right away
  • All three years of school are from a different section, so I can't combine them
  • I don't know how to make a lightweight and effective "skill set" as-is, so I don't really know how to present that
  • In France, it's something that's usually nice to have
  • This is my public CV, and I really don't want to publicly disclose my personal phone number, so I can't put it here.
  • School years have been done alongside work years, so I don't really know if it'd benefit to have more sections
  • I don't really know what I'd gain from that, and it looks a bit confusing because you recommended to split some parts and merge some others, which'd produce a weird result IMHO

Thanks for the overall feedback though


It's hard to read in the format it is right now - it is nice to have stuff broken into multiple sections as it is easy to read - even if you only have 1 item in each section. You're writing this for the purpose of getting invited to the interview/get hired, so do anything you have to, to make the decision easier for the people reading your resume :). Here's how I'd break it up:

Professional Experience/Projects

2017 - .... Backend developer at, Sophia-Antipolis
Backend developer working on API and message queues with Ruby, Redis, Docker, ....

2017 Code paste bin
Built a code pastebin equivalent with Golang and Redis, hosted on my own server

2016 Picture image hosting Android client
An Android app built with Java/Kotlin. Available at http:/...


2017 - 2018: License of computer science, Nice
Arithmetics, development, electronics and OO basics

2016 - 2017: DUT (HND equivalent), Sophia-Antipolis
Systems' architecture, networking and distributed computing

2015 - 2016: DUT (HND equivalent), Nice
Development and OO basics, databases

Technical Skills:

  • C, Java, Python, Go, ...
  • MariaDB, Redis, Docker, ....
  • Proficient with Linux, Windows, MacOS ....
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