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I made an autograder in less than a week!

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So a few weeks backs, I started working on an autograder. An autograder for what you ask, well I've been building a platform for quite some time now, it's primary objective is to help people learn, practice coding, discuss, plan out tasks, take notes and more things a developer does while learning new programming concepts without ever leaving that single platform to hunt for websites and have different websites opened for each of these tasks especially the simple and generic ones like taking notes, planning tasks and practicing coding by attempting coding questions. The thing about it is, you have all the resources from the web to learn a topic compiled at one place which makes it really compelling to use plus given the ease of use, I thought it'd be something people like and I hope they do, it just released in the Alpha Phase and has resources for Python right now with resources for Java on the way, it has a total of 36 coding questions as well.

But I'll save talking about DomeCode for some other post. In this post, I'd focus more on "Judge", one of the open-source modules of Domecode instead.

Some of you might be confused as to where is DomeCode, right?
Well, it's right here.


It's powered using Django and my autograder library that's open-sourced on Github at Judge. It's also available as a PyPi package here. Would love some feedback and also developers who might be interested in working on DomeCode.

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