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Path to Competitive Programming

arthtyagi profile image Arth Tyagi ・1 min read

There are a lot of people who love coding but never find the right timing to start coding as an athlete in competitive programming competitions.

As someone who ranked 1344 internationally as a pre university student in a university students competition, HashCode and then ranked 545 internationally among participants worldwide in Google Code Jam Qualification Round, here are a few of my tips.
Start with :

  1. 30 Days of Code - in a particular language

  2. Choose that language from the Dashboard and solve as many problems as you can. [ Do it once in a while ]

  3. move on to completing the Problem Solving ( both Algorithms and DS ):
    along with solving questions on Top Coder, CodeChef and LeetCode.

For specific topics, try Interview Preparation Kit:

Solely for Practicing Code:

Doing all of the above the righteous way would give you enough exposure and knowledge to be competing without being hopeless. Anyhow, wish you luck on your coding journey! :)

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