Powering the web with Django: Best Practices and Deployment

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Python started off as a scripting language back in 1989 and has since then grown to become a language that captures one of the largest market shares among languages being used in the marketing industry. A language that can help you with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Web Development, automation, GUIs, scientific computing, and a dozen other things is indeed a magnificent language and the best part? People tend to pick up on Python quicker than languages like Java for the most part due it's the ability to reduce the boilerplate code needed to start learning off something.

This has become one of the driving forces of people learning frameworks like Bottle, Flask, or Django. It powers the world's most traffic-driven applications like Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest, and yeah even Reddit!

Talking about Web Development, I've learned the likes of Ruby on Rails, a bit of Symfony, and well Django. Django has by far been my most trusted web framework. With the proper debugging tools and best practices, you can power enterprise-grade web applications using maintainable Django code and deploy it with ease!

Why would you listen to the talk?

This talk aims at talking about the best practices to be used in any Django Project that will probably make your code at least twice as better in terms of maintainability and readability. This talks also aims to talk about the timeline of a Django application that you made as in what options you should look at when you deploy the project, how to figure out the cloud provider plans you would need depending upon the usage of your application. I'd talk about the timeline ( present and projected ) of DomeCode ( a Django application made by me over the last 8 weeks starting in my school's summer break. It's available at https://domecode.com/ ).

In all, this talk would give you the high-level overview of a maintainable Django application along with its cloud deployment timeline.

Fluency in Python and OOP Concepts, Basic understanding of Django.

If you'd like to hear me talk on this at PyCon India 2020, vote for it at https://in.pycon.org/cfp/2020/proposals/powering-the-web-with-django-best-practices-and-deployment~dLMre/https://in.pycon.org/cfp/2020/proposals/powering-the-web-with-django-best-practices-and-deployment~dLMre/

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