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#2 Setting an awesome terminal

Arthur Borges
Coming from an Electrical Engineering background, but loved computers since childhood tech movies. Now I finally made the transition from engineering to software. Oh, and I prefer jewels to snakes!
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(Cover photo by Goran Ivos)

Today I'm going to customize the terminal of Ubuntu 20.04. I've always been a great fan of this style:

Powerlevel10k style

So I decided to install and customize something like that, with extra features. I watched this video to help me go through the basic steps in order to achieve that.

The steps that I made:

  1. Open a terminal and run sudo apt-get update
  2. Run sudo apt-get install zsh -y to install ZShell
  3. Enter in OhMyZsh repository
  4. Install git (in my fresh install it didn't come installed): sudo apt install git
  5. Download and install ohmyzsh via curl running sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  6. Change default shell to zsh
  7. Download and Install Hack Regular Nerd Font Complete.ttf from this link
  8. Change Font to Hack in Zsh Preferences
  9. Set to run the custom command /bin/zsh on instead of my shell in Command tab

All those actions gave me this result until now:

zsh configuration

It's a long process. I'm at time 3:02 of the video, and I'll continue on another post. So far have been very easy and fun!

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