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re: Git and Git and Git (essential tool for any junior developer) Design patterns Front-end framework (Angular, Vue or Reactjs ) Java or Nodejs SQL a...

It's a priority , because you can be a guru in any technology but as a junior developer, while joining a company you will work with the team , if you didn't' matter how to write a good commit message, create a new branch for each task how to make a rebase a pull, git checkout, you need them as skills into the programming war

I have some problems with rebase, that's something that I must put effort to learn!


Enough to commit, push, pull, and merge.

it depends on your position and the project that you will be affected, a junior is a grade to make a difference in the salary, you should have passionate about coding, having the habits to ask in StackOverflow, GitHub issues

I guess good Git skills are eventually needed for team collaboration. As most companies depend heavily on the tool


As much you learn, us is good for you, there is basic commands you should learn and master


Zero. They can read, and any good organization should have a workflow document somewhere. Heaven knows, there are only about a hundred possible "standard" workflows possible with Git.

Is being comfortable with the general GitHub workflow a good start and then adjusting to meet organization workflow?


Honestly? Being comfortable with any VCS workflow is a good start.

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