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Arthur Borges
Arthur Borges

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I decided to make a game from scratch

But a very simple one. Here's the short story:

I was playing with Next.js and React but decided to stop because on my current job the project scope changed. Then, I decided to focus on different things like pixel painting and interactions. So, why not develop a game that unites those both things?

The idea is very simple. A survival-horror 2D top-view indie game where the objective is to get to the finish line avoiding monsters.

Ok. I need a software to draw the characters and scenario. I would need a web game engine for handling collisions and stuff, but for this article, I will be focusing on the main character and a simple scenario.

I chose piskel, as it is a software that I had a little experience and that I found very simple to use.

First draft of "li"

(This is "li", short for "light", the main character. It holds a candle to avoid the monsters)

But it is very small, and not animated. I will try to make it bigger and to shine!

li's first gif: Shine, candle light!

Now it is getting better! The next step is to draw "Ghoulst", an enemy that is a mix of a ghost and a ghoul. 😂


Here's the project repository: A light in the dark

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